My first Mini

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  1. I've searched high and low for a Green Mini with silver hardware and thanks to an awesome SA that was kind enough to put my name on the wait list before I even knew the bag was available, I am the proud owner of this GORGEOUS Lambskin square Mini :smile:

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  2. So Gorgeous and definitely So so sweet of the SA. Enjoy it in Great health ♡

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  3. This is so pretty and I love it with SH!! Congrats Lauren :hbeat::tup:
  4. Wow! what a gorgeous color!! Congrats! She's so cute!! Will you be doing a review on youtube on this one? I would love to see it :smile:
  5. Beautiful square mini, gorgeous color! Congrats
  6. beautiful! congrats!
  7. Beautiful color!!!!
  8. Lovely! Enjoy in good health!
  9. Wonderful! Congratulations! You must be so happy!
  10. Oh….so lovely…congrats to you. :heart::heart::heart:
  11. Beautiful color! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful!!! Love this!!! Please post some mod shots!!!!❤️❤️
  13. Lovely color!! Congrats!!

  14. Thank you guys so much!!! The color is even more beautiful in person :smile:

  15. Thanks! I'll take her shopping with me next week and then post a video on my YouTube channel :smile: