My first men's sunglasses!

  1. I've been sunnies enabled..and I fell for a men's style; in fact, I love the men's styles more than the women's. Think I can pull these off with my petite face?

    As expected, they are quite big, but I still like the look (hey, if Nicole Richie can sort of pull it off, why can't I? :p).

    Presenting...Alhambras in brown! Special thanks to John and Erin for their help!

    Pics! All opinions welcome!
  2. Very cute, I think they look good on your face!
  3. Very cute! they look great on you! Which LV did you get them from?? Lucky Girl!
  4. WOW! :drool: I knew the alhambras would look hot on us girls toooooo! congrats! they look awesome on you!

    EDIT: wanted to add that your earrings match them well too (or at least I think so.... lol)
  5. I got them shipped from the LV boutique in Toronto on Bloor Street. I was extremely bummed about paying Ontario's deathly tax rate, but to my surprise my Albertan SA hooked me up with Albertan tax!!! :yahoo:

    P.S. Last time I checked, the boutique @ Bloor had all 3 colors--well, two now (black and grey)!

    Thanks!! Oh, I just threw on the sunnies with whatever I was wearing today, although the earrings are actually silver and not yellow gold. Glad they look okay, haha!
  6. You look HOT in them!!!!!!!!!!!! :graucho: Congrats on the new purchase! :yahoo:

    Yay... I now have a twin! :tup:

    Oh... and you're welcome btw! I'm glad my enabling skills worked yet again! ;)
  7. Those look so great on you! Congrats!! :smile:
  8. Looks great on you! :yes: :love:
  9. LOVE IT! Looks great on you.:yes:
  10. Congrats- it suits your face very well!
  11. i love them! they look PERFECT!

    i only buy mens skate shoes (i know what a kid i sound like) i dunno i LOVE DC's men's lines. i dont like the chick DCs! hehe.

    i think that those sunglasses are perfect on ya. the big sunnies are IN, and those sunnies are TOTALLY unisex!!! i'd rock em!
  12. yay! i love the color! :smile:
  13. You look very hot in them! they're gorgeous, you can so pull them off, congrats!
  14. congrats!
  15. I think it looks great on you. COngrats!