My first MbyMJ wallet - made in China??

  1. Hey girls!

    I'm brand new at tPF, so bare over me if its the wrong place I have postet this.. :smile:

    I just bought my very first Marc by Marc Jacobs item. A beautiful wallet with quilted stars. But inside it says: Made in China. That sound a bit strange to me. My LV, Gucci and Mulberry is all made in Europe or US.

    I have taken a few pictures..

    Thanks.. :smile:

    HPIM0333.JPG HPIM0334.JPG
  2. I forgot...

    Can anyone tell my the style name of this wallet? :smile:

  3. I just found it on Eluxury and the name is:

    Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Totally Quilted Flap Clutch
  4. Only Marc Jacobs Collection pieces are made in Italy. The less expensive Marc by Marc Jacobs line (which your wallet is from) is made in several places including China and Indonesia.

    Congrats on your new wallet though! It's very cute!
  5. Okay, thanks.. Now I fell much better.. ;)
  6. The wallet is very cute! Congrats!!
  7. Thanks.. I just love it already.. ;)
  8. The wallet is so cute! Congrats!
  9. oh so glad to see this thread! i posted elsewhere about my new 'lovely satchel' and wondered about the 'made in indonesia' tag inside(from Zappos) so glad it is ok!
    now i can rest easy and continue my collecting i have been completely swept away loving marc jacobs!