My first MbyMJ reveal!

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  1. Received my Shopbop purchase today!


    What's inside? :nuts:
  2. im here!
  3. Cut the tape.


    Brown paper. Must recycle. :idea:
  4. Guess who has a detachable strap?

  5. Requisite nameplate shot.

  6. I bet you know what it is.

  7. [​IMG]

    A classic Q hillier hobo, black with antique gold hardware
  8. one last shot: my new bag with my MByMJ aviators:


    Perhaps I should get a pair with gold rims, yea? :P
  9. Its a gorgeous and classic style and combo! Congrats!
  10. beautiful!!!!!!!!
  11. i love the Hillier! congrats!

    mod shots?! :P
  12. Yay! Love the hillier! Congrats! I second the motion for mod shots. :yes:
  13. love it!
  14. love the bag and sunnies, congrats!
  15. gorgeous! I love the antique gold hardware :smile: