My first MBMJ reveal!!! Woohoo

  1. Well here it is the bag I stalked for months!! The MBMJ Hillier Huge Hobo... So happy I finally have her.. The leather is amazing!!! I :heart: it!!! Yay!!!!! I'm so happy I got the huge one too because it doesn't look huge at all to me!!! And it covers my baby weight that I have yet to lose and he's 2.. Lol... Also sorry about my chest in the pics the girls like to make an appearance in ever shirt I wear.. Hope u all like it I'm so excited.. Love Marc Jacobs!! Yay!!!!
    image-1012244380.jpg image-1881809485.jpg image-1123935211.jpg image-928007267.jpg image-3142855838.jpg
  2. Congrats I love this hobo and MBMJ leather is just TDF . Congratulations
  3. That's so much!! I really do love this bag I can't wait to really use it a lot!!! I love hobo bags they are my favorite style.. I just have to get over my new bag paranoia .. Lol...
  4. Congratulations!!! Hope you enjoy ever minute wearing it!
  5. Thanks!! I can't wait.. In the fall I probably def get a lot of use out of it too!
  6. Looks perfect on you!
  7. what a great looking bag! congrats and finally you got it!!
  8. Thank You.. : )
  9. Thanks... I love it!
  10. Great choice!
  11. Thanks!! I really love the lil Ukita too but that has to wait.. Lol..
  12. Yay, congrats Dawn! I love your bag, looks perfect on you! You've made a great choice, I hope you enjoy it for many yrs to come :smile:
  13. Thank u!!!! Btw the lil girl in ur profile pic is adorable!!!! How old!? My son is 3...
  14. Thank you, that's my youngest she is 19 months! I also have a 6 yr old boy and a 4 yr old daughter...
  15. Really great choice! Congrats!