My first MBMJ purchase!

  1. It's very comfy!! I can' wait to get it later this week.
    It's lightweight, a nice color and has lots of compartments. It's so comfortable on the shoulder b/c the straps are like padded! I would love this bag in the Camoflage green color :heart::heart::heart: too
  2. Congrats! I ordered the same bag but in camouflage last week. It's a great bag and I love the three compartments and how stuffable it is. Enjoy it!
  3. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics when you receive her! CONGRATS!!!
  4. I just got a Teri too and I LOVE the bag so much!
    So versatile, super smooth leather...

    Did you get it in the camo color?
  5. Congratulations! I got this same color (Chalk with a dark blue/gray stitching) in the zip top Totally Turnlock Satchel and I love it. I'm carrying it today! Enjoy your new bag. It'll be great for the warm weather!
  6. Congrats-it is very pretty
  7. Congrats! I love the color and the leather looks so soft. Post modeling pics when you receive it.
  8. I love it so much I want it in beige or camoflage now too!!! LOL
  9. Very nice!! Congrats LKB!
  10. And there was a slight mark on it - I got another 10% off on it too.

    Anyone know if this bag is available in others colors on sale online?
  11. that color is GORGEOUS! congrats
  12. beautiful! :drool: I'm seriously contemplating getting this bag now!!! TPF is so evil LOL...
  13. I just saw that bag a few days ago at MbyMJ store and I thought it was a very nice bag. I just don't like the color option they have. I certainly won't get white cause I'm just so clumsy.

    Congrats!!! Enjoy your bag and yes, the leather is sooo scrumptious!