my FIRST mbmj bag!!!!!!

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  1. i returned the green one i had because it hurt my eyes after a while and havent even worn it once and didnt really match with my wardrobe, but this one's a keeper! :heart:
    im gonna wear her every day. :drool:

    does anyone else have it? how do you make it look more inflated/bigger cuz it's reallllyyyyy flat and the bag is huuuge. (im used to my coach capacity wristlet lol)

    Totally Turnlock Patent Faridah

    i'd take pictures of it, but i cant find my cam usb cord. :/
  2. congrats!!! i think quite a few ladies have this bag and may be able to offer advice. it's a gorgeous bag and i think it looks awesome stuffed or flat! :yes:
  3. i just realized that it's freakishly shiny. :sad: :sad: :sad: lol
  4. Congratulations!! The Faridah is immensely popular, and for good reason. The only way I can think of to fluff it out, besides stuffing it with tissue, is to store a lot of stuff in it. I don't think there's any real way to break it in so that it looks fuller, KWIM? The patent is pretty stiff, so even with a lot of use I don't see it budging all that much. But like Dawn said, I think it looks good either way! :yes:
  5. :lol: And of course it's freakishly shiny! Have you seen the red version? It's crazy!
  6. :drool: i :heart: it!..congrats
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    l love this bag, my sis and l wanted it, but sold out UK...any ideas????.TIA :smile:
  8. i got the last one at nordstrom, they have it on and, i got it cuz someone exchanged it for a different bag yesterday and i bought it today. lol
  9. You were lucky, it seems you cant get them anywhere in the UK, and USA company's wont ship :sad:...:drool: Enjoy you bag.....l may have to search evilbay LOL X
  10. it's just so stiff, huuuge and freeeeeeaking shiny, and someone said it didnt look like it was worth over $50. i hope that was just jealousy talking, or not. :/ but i love having a black marc bag. lol.
  11. Thanks shopbop, might ship..he he bless you x
  12. Oh psh. They don't know what they're talking about. :P
  13. it's lovely! I fill out my bags by carrying around reusable tote bags--I stuff them into the corners to make the bag hold it's shape better--and then i have them handy for when i need to use them.
  14. good idea!! :tup:
  15. I love the black patent shiny! congrats on a great looking bag