my first MBMJ bag, playing hard to get.

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  1. okay, as you all know mbmj has some new products for the summer.. i never had been a big fan of mbmj just because i prefer MJ > MBMJ, but when i saw this bag at holt renfrew the other day I knew I had to get it sometime soon (I didn't have my credit card with me at that time). So when I finally went to get it, they said they they were SOLD OUT in the colour i wanted! :cry: I asked if they would restock on it, but they said that they were not sure and most likely it would be something new. So, I asked them to do a stock check in toronto and they said that they only have two left in the whole toronto, but it was located 1 hour away from where i lived. After several days of thinking about it, I called the holt renfrew at the other location to do a stock check, and they said that they only had ONE left, the next closest location from toronto that has it, is in calgary! This time, I couldn't take it anymore and I said would they mind holding it til tomorrow and they said they were only able to hold it til the end of the day. But the nice SA suggested that I can pay by credit card over the phone and they would be able to send it to the holts near me and just pick it up! She said that most likely it would be there on friday :yahoo: So, that is my story of how my MBMJ was playing hard to get... sorry for the long story. :P btw, its my first time at the MJ forum!
  2. couldnt they just do a charge send? what bag is it? or are you going to do a reveal??
  3. yay for your first MBMJ! which one is it? can't wait to see pictures of it..
  4. im going to do a reveal when I pick up the bag from the holts in my location! ohh, but if you look hard enough you would see which bag i got ;)
  5. HMMM, could it be the croc liz hobo in cream
  6. ^ I Luv the croc lil' riz!! - Thinking about the cream as a light bag for summer...
    will wait til I can get a deal on it though b/c its pvc.
  7. yeahh its sad that its a pvc.. but i think as far as the size of the bag goes.. i think its pretty good in price already... its pretty big IRL i can probably fit my macbook in there..
  8. i hope you do a reveal. i can't wait to see!
  9. it's funny how HR is just a drive away but i much prefer to shop online for my bags even though some can be easily picked up at the store. i also have the HR amex card but never actually used it on any HR purchases. :shrugs:
  10. umm. does anyone know how to edit the title of their own threads? cus i want to let everyone know that i have the reveal for my bag.. :biggrin:

    but anyways.. here it is guys! :nuts: my FIRST mbmj bag and a my FIRST reveal on tpf!

    note: i'll post modeling pictures later cus i found 3 great ways of wearing this bag and i loveee how this bag can be multi-purpose use!

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