My First MBMJ... a saggy one :(

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  1. i usually buy gucci bags but i just bought my first mbmj over the weekend. i was eyeing one on friday and was regretting leaving it behind so i went back on saturday to holt renfrews and saw a larger version of the bag i wanted for the same price. plus an extra 25% that weekend so why not :P it looked great on display and i didn't check the one the sa gave me. i went home and found that it sagged like crazy! it looked nothing like the one on display... even with tissue paper stuffed inside :sad: i love the locks and it was a steal so i dunno if i should return it. does anyone have this bag and have this problem?
  2. can u exchange?
  3. I have the faridah as well and it totally sags, but thats what I love about it, it's so comfy. If you're not in love with it I wouldn't keep it even if you did get it on sale.
  4. yeah I've read before this is saggy bag, I personally wouldn't mind
  5. It is very slouchy but I think that's part of it's charm!!
  6. May I ask how much you bought the Faridah for?
    I'm surprised Holts still has this Faridah, I believe it's the style from Spring 2007!

    I agree with what the others have said - I've seen those displays at Holts and the bag pretty much holds up itself (probably because of the stuffing?) Also, I'm not sure if the bag is a return, but it can also explain why it's sagging so much because the leather only gets softer with use.
  7. Yep, from what I've seen (and what everyone else said!), part of the Faridah's charm, is the slouch. I personally like a little slouch in my step, but it seems to be a love-hate thing for others. It's such a gorgeous bag though.
  8. i have that bag in ivory and carry it like crazy! i think it's really beautiful because it's so soft and slouchy, and the turnlock bags are a really good deal for how soft the leather is, imo.
  9. It's supposed to be slouchy...if you don't like it, then return it...believe me. I had way too many bags that I sort of liked and never used them. :sad:

  10. Are you ever satisfied?!:cursing:

  11. Yes, the slouchiness is definitely a love-hate thing on my end. I love how it looks when others carry a slouchy bag but I personally couldn't do it (too obsessive compulsive!) I bought a Christy and returned it for that reason alone, and the Christy is not even as slouchy as the Faridah. *sigh* I wish I wasn't so OC. Otherwise, I would totally get the Christy again!
  12. xi_captain..I wish I wasn't so OC either! This is so off topic, but I am so friggin anal about the condition of my *tiny* mark and I am destroyed, I practically can't use it. It drives me nuts!
  13. hey! did holts just have their 25% off sale this weekend? ahhhh i had no idea! ps. i wouldn't keep if if i wasn't happy with it, could you exchange it for another one?
  14. I actually like it. I like the saggyness haha. Maybe it will grow on you:smile:
  15. I love the sagginess of it. It's so soft and squishy.:love: I'd definitely return it if you don't love it! :flowers: