My first Marc Jacobs quilted little stam for $618! Is this a good deal?

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  1. I just went to bloomingdales where the bag was 30% plus an addition $100 off and another 15% off. I just started collecting designer handbags and the marc jacobs stam seemed like a handbag staple. Is this a good price for one?

  2. Wow, that's a great deal, congrats. Were all MJ priced like that?
  3. There were only 3 Marc Jacobs on sale for 30% off at my Bloomingdales but maybe other people will have better luck at their Bloomingdales.

  4. It's really pretty!! I think it's classic.
  5. It's a great deal considering I paid full price for mine. :s I never catch the good sales I swear. :sad: I'm going to start putting more effort into it though.

  6. I love your bag, it is gorgeous!

    BUT, I have to ask....isnt the retail on this bag $795? 30% off of that would have made it about 556, and then minus 100 would have been 456, and another 15% off...well you get where Im going.:yes:

    So how come it came out to $618?
  7. The retail for this bag was $1000. Is this the wrong price?
  8. ^ yes, it is. the little stam retails for $795. you should call or go back to bloomingdale's asap to correctly adjust the price. good catch, gung!
  9. ^Thanks! I guess Im just a stickler for details!
  10. OP: Please let us know what happens! Im curious how Bloomies would price the little Stam at $1000!

    All in all, $618 is a good price for the bag but if they were telling you that you were going to get massive discounts, then what they did as wrong, kwim?
  11. OMG great catch ladies!!!!! I was going to say.........that price is way wrong!! Yeah..keep us posted on what we should work for the secret service..nothing gets by anyone anymore!!!
  12. ^^ LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  13. The Little Stam in Quilted Elastic retails for $1050 though. Could that be the one that you bought?
  14. Good call weN!
  15. i think thats a good price but then again in australia normal stams are well over $2500 and we dont even have little ones :wtf:
    its very cute ... what is that a piccy of? its not the elastic right? its just the 'normal' one?