My First Marc Jacobs Bag!!! =)

GiMMe MoRe BaGs

i want more!! =)
Oct 21, 2006
OMG! I have to share this! I've never posted any of my bags up..but this one I am soo excited about!! I've wanted a Marc Jacobs bags so bad for a while now. I was just waiting for the right one. I came across this multi-pocket on eBay and fell in love!:love: I loved the size, the shape, the fact it was quilted and of course the color!! So I placed my bid and someone else won it from right under me in the last three seconds! :sad: BUT the seller contacted me and said the winning bidder didn't pay so I got the second offer!!!! :yahoo:
Now I know this bag was meant for me! And we will live happily ever after!!! (Or until I get a new bag...):yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:


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Fabulous bag - now can anyone answer a question for me? I've seen pictures of Vistoria Beckham at the Marc Jacobs fashion show in new york and she was holding a leopardskin shoulder bag with gold chain - anyone have any idea who the designer is????
You will love it...carrying the Marc leather is some how different than any other bag...the quality just has something about it over and above the gorgeous color and style..congratulations. maggie
Today I took it out! =)

I love it so much but the chain handle really makes it heavy. Now I know what everyone is talking about when the bags themselves are so heavy. This is my first bag with such heavy hardware and it makes a difference. But on the other hand, the chain handle doesn't bother my shoulder at all. Thanks everyone for your congrats! I'm so happy I have people to share this joy with!! :yes: