My first Marc Jacobs bag!! IT CAME TODAY! *Pictures* hehe =)

  1. YAY!!! It finally came today.
    My mom yelled at me though :sad: She said I should stop spending so much money on bags.. She still thinks I'm too young. (I'm 19, but almost 20!!) Anyhow, it doesn't matter because I got it today and I LOVE IT!!!! :smile:

    I'm probably not going to buy another bag for a longg time. Hehe~~*

    The box! It was 8 pounds!!

    Neiman Marcus box.
    I wanted the Marc Jacobs box :sad:
    Booo. Cause when I bought an LV from Eluxury, they gave me the LV box.


    Atleast I got the MJ dustbag~~ :p

    AND VOILA~ MY love :heart:


    and me wearing it, hehe. in my scrubby clothes~


    YAY. okay. Thanks for looking!!! I'm pretty excited for the warm weather to come out so that I can take her outside!! ^___^
  2. you are lucky you are still alive, my mom would have murdered me when i was 19 and came home with that bag :noggin:

    She is beyond gorgeous! It she really heavy??
  3. They STUFFED The box with tissue paper... like soooooooo much tissue paper. She is pretty heavy.. but lighter than the STAM.

    yeah, i didn't even tell my mom the actual PRICE of the bag.. i sorta lied... hahaha sigh~
  4. So pretty! Thank you for the great pictures!
  5. Oh wow, that looks great! I love how you can wear it on the shoulder with the straps or the chain! Awesome! CONGRATS!!
  6. Congratulations it is lovely.
  7. Gorgeous! Congrats & enjoy. =)
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.
  8. Oooh she's beautiful!!! Enjoy!
  9. That is gorgeous!!! Cripe when I was your age I was into levi jeans, high heeled clogs and sneaking alcohol down by the railroad tracks lol!! I barely knew who Calvin Klein was!!! That looks great on you too!! Congrats!!!
  10. wow, that's gorgeous! congrats!
  11. That is a gorgeusly unbelievably bag!!!


    Tell your Mom it is an investment, like a nice pair of diamond studs or a good watch. These bags never go out of fashion and they get better as they age (well, at least that is what I tell my husband every time I get a new bag!!!)

    ENJOY!!! :yahoo:
  12. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  13. I love this bag! THanks for sharing pics!! It's tempting me to get one of my own someday....
  14. What a beauty. Congrats!!
  15. gorgeous!! congrats!