My first Marc by Marc Jacobs bag reveal

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  1. something hiding in the corner of the men's accessories dept. at Nordy Rack came home with me tonight :P

  2. [​IMG]
  3. waiting... 😺😺
  4. Waiting... :smile:
  5. Sooooo....what didja get????
  6. The suspense!
  7. haha sorry for the delay, I fell asleep last night listening to Joni Mitchell :giggles:
  8. without further ado here is the Folksy Saddle Shopper in navy leather and pink suede combo :yahoo::loveeyes::happydance:

  9. this bag is gonna be so useful since it has so many compartments. It has 2 exterior cargo pockets that fits a laptop or Ipad adaptor. The extended buckled straps of the exterior cargo pockets can hold a rolled up newspaper or drafting paper.

    the roomy pink suede exterior pocket is roomy enough for an Ipad

    inside the main interior compartment has a cellphone pocket, a wallet pocket, and slip pockets for documents and etc.

    the Folksy Saddle Shopper featured in the Fall 2011 ads
  10. Very cute!! Congrats!
  11. Classy!!!
  12. Yes Kla$$y indeed :greengrin:

    thanks for letting me share guys
  13. gorgeous! congrats on the find
  14. That is a super roomy and practical bag.Congrats on your on your first and hopefully not your last MBMJ bag.