My First Manolos!!!

  1. Been stalking the manolo page in the Neiman Marcus sale section... An 8.5 popped up for this gorgeous shoe
    I can't freaking believe it, I ordered as fast as I could and when I went back the size was gone! It was $152 with tax!! Hoorah!! And free shipping with "Spring8", ya'll better go keep an eye on that page cause they disappear just as fast as they appear!!
    I'm a size 8 but from what everyone has said about Manolo sizing, I think these should fit.
    My very first pair!!:wlae: (Heres hoping it doesn't get cancelled! eek!)
  2. Congratulations! Yes, those should definitely fit you as we're the same size. :smile:

    It probably disappeared after you ordered it because that was the only pair!
  3. Congrats! Enjoy them!!
  4. Very cute! Congrats on your great deal.
  5. congrats. very cute and greaaaaaaat price!
  6. Congrats -what a steal! They'll fit - I always take a bit larger in Manolos.
  7. Well done! Great find
  8. that sizing should be perfect! i love them - congrats!
  9. What a fantastic deal. Well done they are fab. I am a good size 38 and Manolos of that size always fit me. You could pay that much for a pair of Nine West in the UK! Congratulations.
  10. congrats! ur going to love the shoe.

    manolos are super comfy & I know you're going to enjoy them.