My first MAM

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  1. I just purchased it this week at Nordstrom in Electric Blue, and I love the structure and the hue! However, I noticed all of these streaks on top of the purse as if it had scratched up, which makes the tone sort of uneven. The salesperson assured me this is normal of RM bags and colored leather in general. I don't know whether I should return it and order directly through RM.
  2. Post pics so we can take a look!
  3. Okay, here it goes. So I don't know. The marks are less apparent in the photos.


  4. It looks like someone scratched it with their fingernails. I'll bet you could condition them right out with Apple conditioner. Test on an unseen spot first.
  5. I LOVE your choice in bag! I have the same one. It's beautiful! I wore mine for 2 weeks straight, not babying it and it doesn't have any similar markings on it. I am one that loves differences in leather because it makes my bags truly mine but these look like scratches. IMO i'd get a new one if I couldn't buff the scratches out. Good Luck!
  6. Beautiful MAM!! The scratches would bother me too. Was that the only one left? I would exchange it if possible.
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    With Nordstrom's no return policy, even so, would they accept a return if I apply a conditioner? It's weird because the rest of the bag is flawless with exception to the top!

    And Tara, I completely agree, which is why I initially bought it. Then, I realized it had nothing to do with the character of the leather.

    Kings, there were only two left and actually, this was the display. I chose it because the last EB had a serious scratch/dent/permanent maim on the front pocket. One might think those would have been sent to The Rack already....

    Also, hello everyone!!! Thank you for all of the friendly and helpful replies. My name is Erin, and I may become addicted to Rebecca Minkoff. In addition, I recently purchased a Roadie Linear Stud satchel in Almond with the red bird lining.

    My wishlist includes a MAM in pool with the white/black floral lining. I saw a mini-mini on Gilt and have been envious ever since.
  8. Welcome to RM!!
  9. I have the same bag and I scratch it with my nails all the time. I use Cadillac Boot & Shoe Care and the scratches disappear. The SA at Nordstrom showed me how to do it, and it works great. You can buy it at Nordstrom.
  10. Veyda, thanks for the info. Maybe I'll take it into Nordstrom and have them do the application, especially since it was the display model.
  11. Good idea. Mine was a display model too and the last bag they had in the store in that style. I told the SA I was disappointed about the nail scratches on it and didn't want to wait for them to send me a bag from another store. So the SA brought out the Cadillac Care and just dabbed a little on a soft cotton cloth and rubbed in a circular pattern - the scratches just disappeared. I bought a bottle and use it when I get scratches around the top zipper and the side pocket zip. I have been using it on other bags too with no problems. Some of the really saturated dyes rub off a little on the cloth, but so far I have had really good results with this product. Of course, really deep gouges will probably be permanent, but if it's only nail scratches I am pretty sure your SA can get them out.
  12. Cadillac Boot & Shoe is AMAZING! :tup:
  13. Great bag! I think it is a good idea for you to take it back up there and have them get rid of the scratches.
  14. I've only tried Apple leather care products. It's good to hear about another line that works well on RM bags. :smile: