My first LVs!~*

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    I just got my first LVs: Popincourt Haut and Zippy wallet. I :heart::heart::heart: them!!! My favorites! I don't even care if I see people walking around with the same purse- it's so comfy and I can hold a LOT in it. :yahoo: AND it's one of the few that doesn't completely overpower my 5'2" frame!
  2. Congrats :biggrin: may you wear it in good health ^_^
  3. Congrats!!! I love the popincourt haut!
  4. congrats :yahoo:
  5. Congrats!!
    PH is so cute!
  6. Love them.....Congratulations.
  7. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  8. Congrats!!! Beautiful!!!
  9. What great first buys!! Congratulations!
  10. Congrats-- great purchases:heart:
  11. congrats, i love the PH, trying to resist purchasing one myself (trying to save money hehe)
  12. Beautiful pair, Congrat's. :yahoo:

  13. beautiful, congrats!!
  14. Congratulations.
  15. congrats! i love the PH and the zippy wallet