My First LV's ,finally made decisions.. thanks everyone for feedback!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    So excited here are my first LV bags! I was so undecieded on whether to get a speedy, 25 or 30, damier or mono and/or the Neverfull... DH got sick of hearing me blab and finally said get all three to try out. I knew if I went retail I would only get one so I decieded to check out Fashionphile since I live local to them ( hope its ok to mention that ?) . I was certain that I only wanted a pre owned bag if it was literally looking like new or else I would just go retail ...but as we all know IF you can save it a bit it means more bags :yahoo:..afraid of ebay since there are so many fakes and even if they show pics ,descriptions can be subjective when it comes to the condition of the bag KWIM? This way I got to see the bags and inspect them in person...

    The Neverfull MM was literally new..I assume someone bought it and decieded it wasnt for them since it totally looks perfect? wore it today and you ladies were right ,it rocks.. and no problem with the thin straps at all !

    The damier speedy 30 has the teensy tinest scuff on two corners that you have to search for to see,otherwise stellar and wanted to try the bigger size even though I am really petite.. plus the chocolate straps...yummy!

    The speedy 25 mono is practically perfect except the straps were ever so slightly darker than a brand new one ..I imagine someone must have realized the 25 was too small for them after it was too late to take it back to LV ;) or something...
    My DH couldnt even see what made them "used" and frankly I couldnt till I searched..

    granted they did have bags there that were much more used or showed wear of course but these looked stellar and I am picky so I was able to snag 3 and DH went for it!!!! :yahoo:

    I was just so excited .. thanks ladies for all the advice I need to know what kind of bandeau to get.!!!!. that I will go retail before the price increase so I gotta hustle in there this week I guess..

    Here are my new babies...[​IMG]
    please help me with suggestions for bandeaus..was thinking the brown papillion ,if I can find one..? any other ideas?:yahoo:
  2. What a great start to your collection!
    Would love to see modelling pics!
  3. Beautiful classic pieces! Congrats :smile:
    Have fun with your new bags!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Score!!! I love Fashionphile! I wish they were near me! Wait... that would probably be bad. Very bad. Anyway, congrats!!!
  6. wow!! how awesome it must be to get THREE beautiful bags all of a sudden!! congratulations!!!!
  7. wow congrats..
    maybe for bandeau you might want to try other than brown since all your bags are brown based...
    white bandeau in papillon??
  8. Congrats!! :party: Great start to your LV collection and you got a great deal by the sounds of it. :tup:
  9. thanks everyone! I just love you guys.. was lurking for a while and then asking questions about what to get ..of course I am horribly indecisive sooo...I went with these.. the ironic thing is I spent way more than if I got one speedy 30 in mono from the store but if you figure out how much 3 of these would be I saved a a lot and got DH to let me try out the 2 different sizes in the speedy and a shoulder bag... I had originally wanted the speedy 30 in mono but the 25's they had looked so good that I started toying with the idea of the 30 in the damier ..but then of course as a mommy I need a shoulder bag right ?:lol::nuts:

    They really were super nice to me and I would totally recommend them ..I guess it depends on timing and what a person is looking for... and the condition you are cool with ya know..? but they are well respected since they have been around like 10 years or something.. they were even shining the locks up for me before I left ..frankly I felt I was treated better there than in the retail store ...
    of course now it is an obession isnt it ? I am eyeing the Galliera.. gotta save for that one ...

    I will get some modelling pics up..took a few ,gotta get some more..

    gotta deciede on a bandeau though before the price increase!
  10. congrats!!:tup:
  11. Very very very nice! Congrats! :tup:
  12. Wow three bags at once! Great collection! They all look to be in great condition! Congrats!
  13. Awesome haul! Congrats!
  14. Great 3 handbags at once.

    Bandeau put a red one on the Damier. I love the splash bandeau's. But personally I leave my Vuitton's naked.
  15. Congrats, those are great to have as a start!