My First LVs Advice Needed

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  1. I just bought my first two LV bags over the weekend- my Trevi PM and Speedy Azur 30. I've been a Gucci girl but I think I just might have to convert haha. Just need a little help and was wondering how you keep your Speedys in shape. I've been stuffing it with my daughter's clothes and blankets but the creases are still there :sad:
    Also could you recommend a wallet that would go with both the dark and the light colored bags. TIA!
  2. Just start using the speedy and the creases will fall right out! That's the best thing!
    I'd suggest a wonderful vernis pomme wallet to go with your bags.
  3. I agree...I have a monogram and a black epi and the vernis Pomme pops perfectly! (I have a PT international) Plus a red wallet is good luck!
  4. I just got mine last Thursday and using it takes the crease out faster than stuffing it.
  5. A Pomme Koala wallet would be HOT!!! Just start using it and it will be fine
  6. Yes, a pomme wallet would go with both bags!
  7. ^ I agree!

    Or if you like brighter colors ... the new Vernis colors are lovely as well!
  8. I'd get a Vernis French Purse Wallet in Pomme! :drool:

    Congrats on your new LV's! You picked 2 great bags!
  9. you could get a speedy pillow from ebay. as for the wallet, vernis goes with everything;)
  10. the creases fall out with wear and something vernis even the new colors would be perfect for a wallet!
  11. I think I'll go take a look at the wallets this weekend. Thanks so much! Does the patent leather scratch easily though?
  12. ^ Not at all, they are quite durable !

    Just be careful with super light colours, it is possible that there will be colour transfer !
  13. Ditto!
  14. Congrats on your new LV's -- let us know which wallet you choose!
  15. I agree - go look at the lovely vernis wallets! Get some bag candy :drool: