My first LV =)

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  1. My boyfriend surprised me with an pochette accessoires for our anniversary! I was sooooooo shocked because he tricked me and hid it in a LCD screen box as if he bought me a new monitor and actually stuck weights in it to make it seem very heavy. lol i love my new bag =)

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  2. Congrats, what a sweet boyfriend!!
  3. congrats on you'r first lv im sure not you'r last:graucho:
  4. welcome to the world of LV it rocks congrats on a beautiful timeless gorgeous classic piece and dear boyfriend sounds like a keeper...any man who understands LV is good in my books....
  5. yeah i know i'm gonna be addicted now haha
  6. aww how sweet of your bf! congrats!
  7. love it, lucky you to have such a sweet BF!
  8. so sweet!!!
  9. Congrats!!! it's so sweet of him, great starting piece..
  10. Gorgeous! Congrats on the bag and your anniversary!

    My bf pulled that trick on me for my birthday.. he got me an amazing monitor for my PC and put it in a toaster oven box! Needless to say, my face was one of shock. But enjoy your new bag!
  11. congrats, I want one of those also
  12. Aww how sweet :smile: Congrats! :biggrin:
  13. I love that piece--Congrats!! And that's so funny for your bf to do that--and such a sweet gift. Enjoy it in good health.:flowers:
  14. oh how very nice!
  15. Very nice and congratulations.