My first lv

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  1. Ok I have decided that I'm going to finally get one. I'm really obsessed with the speedy. So I'm kinda between the 30 and 35 but am kinda leaning more towards the 35. My question is do u think the damier ebene is a better choice over the monogram and if someone actually has a pic of one could u post it. When I went to the lv store they were out of everything so I couldNt actually try them on so I just went ahead and got out on the list for the damier. I really like the mom but just hate how the handles will turn and not being able to wear it in bad weather
  2. I love both, but ebene is more practical so I say get that first. I did not follow my own advice though :biggrin:
    I bought mono first because I wanted the handles to turn faster to get the vintage look.
    Now I'm really dying to get the ebene, so go for it!
  3. Mono 30 & Ebene 35 is what I prefer (=
  4. I have the speedy 30 in mono and damier ebene. I prefer the damier because it is a very low maintenance bag. Here are two pictures of my damier speedy 30.

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  5. For reference, I'm 5'2, 98 pounds.
  6. i agreeee :tup:

    my first lv was a speedy 30 mono
    but the damier ebene would definitely be easier maintenance.
    i dont think you could go wrong with either!
  7. I got the speedy azur first and i was always lusting after the mono. I say mono just because its a classic. But if you are really afraid of the handles then get the damier. You cant go wrong! I now have a speedy in the azur mono and damier.
  8. my first bag was the ebene speedy 25, but I like the look of the mono better so I'm going for mono 30.
  9. The Ebene is low maintenance = excellent for the winter. But the Monogram is classic and don't be afraid because it actually ages really beautifully! The older it is the better it looks...given that it's also been kept in good condition of course. Hope that helps...enjoy your first Vuitton!
  10. Maybe get the Damier new and then buy a preloved Mono if you prefer the look of the patina? (I wish I did this with my Mono... I'm so scared of taking her out with her whitey handles!)
  11. that bag is so pretty!!i just dont know. i mean at the moment all lvs are hard to come by. you see im from a small town and i see alot of fake lv monograms going around but ive never seen the damier before. but still the mono is a classic bag that you just cant go wrong with.

  12. Very good advice....this is exactly what I did.
    I just received my new to me mono speedy 30 yesterday.
    I am very happy.
  13. personaly I love the leather on the mono bags which is why I want another bag in mono:smile: I do like the damier tho and if your worried about the leather that is probably a great choice for your first bag. I have the mono 30 and I like bags with some "sag" so I almost wish I had the 35, but am still happy with my 30 because it holds a lot and has a little sag even when I fill it up.
  14. For a first bag, I like to vote for Mono. It's really versatile. Also, I'd get the 35. As I've said in other threads, "when in doubt, go larger." Good luck deciding! I have the Mono 35 and the Ebene 35 is definitely on my wishlist.
  15. does it anyone know how long it takes the handles on the mono to fully turn to the darker color?