My First Lv!

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  1. I went to short hills today deciding that i needed a new bag... so i went into chanel and saw nothing then i went into dior and i liked the mini gaucho ( or whatever the very small one is called) and then i went into LV i saw the perf speedy but i didnt really like it (is anyone totally in love with it? because i really dont see the attraction) so after trying on all the bags in the store and having the security man on the floor laughing with my incapability of making decisions (puhlease i was just buttering him up so maybe he would let me sneak out the back with a trunk :lol:) i decided on the speedy 25 and i am totally in :love::love::love::love: i put my pursket in it and filled it up already they fit so much! i think its the perfect first LV i'm sooo excited... my grandmother was with me and she got one too i'm not sure of the name bc we looked at so many but it has two handles and the bottom is sort of gathered ish...idk i'm too excited to think about hers!
  2. Wooohooo. How exciting. Enjoy your speedy!
  3. OH! lol my grandmother came up for a couple days (from FL) because they are buying another building and wanted to look at it in person anyways like i said ^^^ she got a new bag too. BUT she refuses to bring it back to FL and wear it because she thinks people will think she is showing off. Marco island (where their condo is) is small and they only know certain people and they gossip and she is worried they will talk about her and think she is showing off... i think she is crazy... what do you think? do you ever not wear a certain bag because of how you think people will react?
  4. I understand those concerns. But whatever man! If she likes the bag, she likes the bag. Who cares what anyone else thinks?
  5. I won't wear my LV when i am going to be around a dangerous ghetto area, but most of the time i do feel comfortable with it.
  6. WOOHOO! Enjoy your new baby!
  7. Why should it matter what other people think? If she likes the bag then that's all that matters! Congrats on your first LV!
  8. ^^^agree :biggrin: Congrats!
  9. Congratz on your new bag. Tell your grandmother to do what she wants. You only live once...
  10. Tell your grandma, life is too short to worry about how other people perceive of her. I'm sure they're going to talk about her anyway, (that's what people do when they have no life) so she should enjoy/wear her beautiful LV with pride!
  11. Congrats! :nuts: You must be very excited right now. If your grandma doesn't want her new bag, tell her you'll have it then. ;)
  12. Oh...and congrats on your first LV!
  13. Yay! Enjoy your new bag!
  14. yay congrats!!
  15. Short Hills...yea!!! Congrats on your first LV. I think your grandmother should enjoy her bag...the other people are just jealous.