My first LV

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  1. HI everyone! This morning I ordered my very first LV piece, the speedy 25 from eluxury. I am so excited, but I am very nervous about the handles. Since I eventually want to achieve an even patina, would you recommend that I waterproof the handles before using it? What should I use to treat the leather?
    Thanks for your help!
  2. OH MY GOD! NO! DO NOT treat the vachetta/natural cowhide WITH ANY KIND OF CHEMICAL!!! That's the reason why vachetta leather on Vuitton's Monogram items achieve a patina, because it's UNTREATED. By you treating it, you will most likely discolor the leather. :blink:

    Just let the leather tan itself naturally; no treatments necessary!
  3. Congratz on your new LV. To keep the leather soft and clean, I clean my LV pieces with apple garde. They also have a water proofing formula, but I don't use it, because I never take my LV out in wet conditions. Here's a link to it. It's not badly priced and shipping is like 5 dollars.
  4. Congrats Faith :biggrin: Good thing you ordered it now, price increase is coming up :mad:

  5. The main reason I wanted to get it was because of the price increase, then when I saw the free shipping upgrade on Eluxury, I was sold! I have a large Coach, Dooney & Bourke and Cole Haan collection, but I wanted to upgrade! Next I need a wallet...
  6. Hurry, hurry, hurry, get a LV wallet :nuts: or perhaps a small ring agenda. I use mine to house credit cards and some extra folded bills ...yeah right :lol: All kidding aside, the agenda is wonderful, plus you can still get it by V-Day if you order by 11:59 am PST. :smile:
  7. Leave the bag by a window and rotate it for approx 2 weeks it will begin to develop an even patina.
  8. Oh that's smart !!! I've never heard of that ! I would like my Speedy 40 handles to patina evenly and not get that dirty look in the middle. Of course I am a hand washing fanatic, comes from my days of working in the infants room at a daycare.
  9. congrats on your first LV piece!!! i must say my speedy 30's handles are finally changing colour :smile: very exciting!
  10. Purse Fanatic, I know exactly what you are talking about when you say the speedy handles get that dirty look in the middle. I am hoping to avoid that at all costs!!
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