My first LV!!!

  1. My first LV has finally arrived – it’s a vintage red epi petit noe (MUCH THANKS to the amazing people in the Authenticate This! LV thread who authenticated it for me (Lee69, addictedtolv)). There is a very lovely picture of her (and my fish) attached. The epic story of the actual receiving of the bag follows, so if you have a few minutes, read on!

    Ah. So, I had been tracking my dear bag ever since it left Japan last Saturday. Yesterday (Tuesday) morning, I was *quite* excited to see that it had arrived at the local post office at 7AM. I was SURE it would come that day. But, alas, the front desk had no packages for me. :crybaby: BUT, when I checked my mailbox, I had one of those “sorry we missed you” slips. Apparently I had to be there to sign for it, because it was sent Express Mail. And, when I asked the front desk if they could just sign for it for me, she said, “Okay, I’ll try, but sometimes they don’t let us sign for packages.” :sad: But I’m usually in lab all day, I couldn’t stay home and wait for the mailman! Or could I?

    So I did. I rearranged my schedule and I ran home every chance I got. I ran home before noon, and there was no postman :sad: But then, as I left to run back to work, I SAW THE MAILMAN. :nuts: But he was across the street. When I ran back from lab, he was still across the street. I was hoping he’d finish the apartment building he was doing, then make a U-turn and come across to ME.

    So I waited and waited and waited. And then another mail truck pulled up behind the first guy. And I thought, “One of those HAS to have my bag in it!” So I waited, for about 40 minutes. Then! The mail truck started to move! And it….made a right turn down another street. Then! The other one started to move! And it made a U-turn! And it drove away in the opposite direction. :crybaby:

    There was much frustration at this point. I really wanted my bag! After another 30 minutes, I decided to wander around and find a mailman, hopefully mine, and see how much longer I would have to wait. So I walked down the street, and I saw TWO more mail trucks around the corner! Both were empty, though, so I couldn’t talk to the mailmen.

    Quite dejected, I walked slowly back to my building. But then…I saw a mail truck across the street…and it was making a U-turn! But I had been disappointed too many times already. I didn’t let myself get excited…until it turned into the driveway of my building! :yahoo:

    So I got it, finally. I was incredibly giddy; the people at the front desk were staring at me. But it was TOTALLY OKAY! Because I have my bag now! I waited an hour and a half for my baby. But it was WORTH IT.

    Oh, it was epic. If you read all this, thanks so much! I’m going to go caress my bag now. :upsidedown:
    new bag smaller.JPG
  2. congrats!
  3. Very nice:yes:
  4. That is such a beautiful bag. It looks to be in great condition. Enjoy it.
  5. Love the color..congrats :biggrin:
  6. LMAO at you waiting for the mailman! Congrats on your first LV - she's a beauty! I love red Epi - great choice!
  7. it's gorgeous!!! congrats! :yes: and lol about ur epic story.... imagining you chasing mail trucks all over the streets! :lol: :lol:
  8. YAY!! What a great color!
  9. Congrats! What a great color too!! I hope you enjoy your bag!!
  10. It'a beautiful bag and color! Congrats!
  11. Congrats on the new bag!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. Congratulations! Red epi is beautiful!
  14. ilikepenguins you're sooo cute! You're welcome and congrats on your new Epi Noe , it's such a beautiful colour:love: Love it:tender:
  15. That is one HOT bag!!! I LOVE Petit Noe!!!:love: One of my favorite bags EVER!!! Enjoy it!!!:yahoo: