My First LV!!!

  1. Just got my first LV today!!! Yeah!!!

    Want to share with everyone my joy!!! I luv my Trevi PM....

    Is there anything I should watch for to keep my LV in good shape?:shrugs:
  2. congrats!!! the trevi is beautiful! modelling pics!!!!
    the damier is really good, its the all weather type of bag because there is no vachetta
  3. congrats! that is gorgeous. you took a very good picture!
  4. Congrats!
  5. fab first bag
  6. Great BAG!!! I love damier!!!
  7. congrats, that's a great first!
  8. Congrats :biggrin: the trevi is such a pretty bag!
  9. Congratulations.
  10. LOVE it..Excellent choice! Congratulations! :smile:
  11. great choice!! that's a great bag! congrats!
  12. Lovely bag! Perfect first LV material :okay:.

    Damier bags are super low maintenance; no vachetta to worry about. I've been using my damier broadway for almost 2 years now as my primary bag for college and it still looks new.

    Congrats and welcome to the world of Vuitton :yahoo:.
  13. Congrats and great choice!
  14. Congratulations! Great Bag!
  15. Excellent choice! That's a super stylish bag. Congratulations!:tup: