My First LV

  1. i am 17 and have saved up enough money for a LV. i am very petite (4'11)..i was thinking about the Tivoli pm....any other suggestions as a first bag?
  2. A speedy is always a good choice whether in damier, damier azur, or simple mono.
  3. Tivoli sounds great to me.
  4. I love the Tivoli. It is such a great bag
  5. go for the Tivoli! it's a great bag, you won't regret it!
  6. I think the TIvoli will be perfect. I used her the first time today and she fits perfect on my shoulder. I'm 5'2 so it's a great size for you. I started with LVoe at 19 so congrats on being young with fabulous LV soon.
  7. Tivoli would be a great first bag, but don't forget about the speedy!
  8. Tivoli or speedy!
  9. Go with the 25 Speedy.... that way you'll have $$$ left over to get charms, wallet, etc.

    Good luck!
  10. Do you prefer a shoulder bag or hand held?

    If you're a hand held girl, the Speedy 25 would be a classic first bag ... or the Popincourt is also a good size for a petite girl but bit more expensive. If you like a shoulderbag, you could try the Tikal PM, or a Papillon is cute too. Good luck finding the perfect first bag!
  11. I saw the Tivoli yesterday on a petite girl and it looked sooo sooo cute! It was my first time seeing one in real life and it looked great. A speedy 25 or 30 is also awesome for a first LV, and then you would have money for another little treat -- bandeau, charm, or wallet.
  12. tivoli PM
  13. Tivoli would be a great first LV piece!! But second choice would definitely be a Mono or Damier speedy 25!
  14. I suggest a Speedy! Haha it was my first, second and third LV :lol: It really is a classic bag that will never go out of style
  15. My mom has the Speedy 25 so i figured i could always barrow hers!