my first LV!

  1. So, after some thought, I have decided that I really want to buy either the Speedy 25 or 30...I can't decide. It will be my very first LV purchase:yahoo:, and I want to make sure it will be good for me :smile:

    Any advice? Any info/pics/anything impt. that will be useful in helping me make a decision would be VERY helpful!

    Thanks soo much everyone!:smile:
  2. How about a Mini Lin Speedy 30?

    Having a Mini Lin for 1st LV feels so amazing.
  3. i think either mono or damier!

    mono 25 was my 1st and i love it!
  4. you should definitely try on both sizes before buying anything, so you can see which one looks better on you! also, think about how much you carry on a daily basis and make sure it fits. I personally went for the 30 because it's easier to get into because of the larger opening, and it fits so much!

    as for what line to get it in, that's hard! but mini lin does look really nice, and there's no vachetta to worry about!
  5. I really like the 30 size, unless you're VERY, VERY small -- even then, I usually prefer the 30 on most people. I would look at either the mono or the mini lin. I know when I got my Speedy 30 -- which was my first LV, I looked at the mono, mini lin, and the ebene damier. My eyes kept going to the mono, so I knew that was the right choice for me. Have the SA put a few Speedies out for you and you'll be able to tell which you're drawn to the most. Have fun!
  6. I recently purchased my first LV, a mono speedy 30 and I absolutely love it! I also bought a purseket for it to keep all my things organized. Mono speedy's have always caught my eye, years and years before I ever decided to get an LV. Something always was drew me to that bag and that's why I knew it had to be my first LV purchase! Good luck with your decision. I think the 30 is a great size!!
  7. I looked at speedies a couple of weeks ago and was mostly drawn to the 25. The 30 was like carrying a suitcase... lol :smile:
    But I am also 5'2" and slender. And it would be a great all-weather bag in damier since there is no untreated leather!
  8. mono speedy 25 - can't go wrong. Best bag ever in my estimation.
  9. speedy 30 sounds good!
  10. I have two speedy 25, love them. 30 sags to much for me.
  11. You really should go and try them on!:graucho: You'll know then.:yahoo:
  12. I'm short at 5'2" and my first LV bag was a mono Speedy 25. I think it's a great start to a collection!
  13. Mono is always great for a first bag. As for size, visit the store to check them out? How much do you carry with you?
  14. I second that, though I own the mono 30 and thought that the 25 was a tad too small. I guess it depends on how much stuff you carry in your bag. :supacool:
  15. Personally I love big bag so Speedy 30 works for me. I just purchased a Damier Azur Speedy 30 couple days ago & it is fa-bu-lous. I'm only 5'2 and carry a 30. IT's a very springy color & match with jean, anything. Hope your first LV is gonna turn out good. I bought mine at a boutique and it wasn't a good experience. Somehow I would purchase online if I can, so much less hassle. Anyways, good luck.