My First LV

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  1. Okay girls, I need your help!!
    I'm looking to purchase my first LV. I was never really a LV fan, but the damier canvas has really grown on me. I was looking to get the larger papillon (i think its the 30). I like the shape of the speedy as well, but dont really like the monogram since I personally cant tell the difference between a real and fake lv monogram. Does the speedy come in damier? Or should I just stick with the papillon?? LV EXPERTS PLEASE HELP!!
  2. First if you need advice on real v/s fake, go to Excellent source for helping you on deciphering fakes from authentics.

    Did you know you can get the speedy in the Epi leather?

    Here's some pics from

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  3. thanks for the quick response, the epi leather looks great, but i didnt see it at the boutique today, i wonder why...
  4. The damier speedy is coming soon next spring/summer and that's going to be my first LV bag!!
  5. I walked into Hermes today and tried on a $7000. Kelly. Pretty. I know the girls on this blg will disagree, but I went straight to LV right after to be sure and I am going with the LV macha Waltz if they can get one... The kelly was a a perfect size, 25cm,gold(tan). It was gorgeous but did not excite me the same way the LV boutique did! They are on a search for me, there are none available in Canada. I need this for a night bag. I think it suits me more than the kelly. What do you think?

    Can't find a picture of the kelly.

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  6. Sorry, I meant to start a new!
  7. Ooohh la la... I love this LV!!! :love: Is it out yet and how much? Will it cost me my right arm and left leg? lol
  8. Beautiful Star...sigh...:love: . Oh and my suggestion...get both! :biggrin:
  9. Yes it has been out for awhile i am late in the game! That is why I have to wait and see (but they will get it ).It is much less expensive, about $5000. USD. The kelly doesnt do it for me, I was not drooling at all. Do you think I am crazy and should invest that cash for a birkin, they said I have to wait one year for sure!!! Unless someone opts out or goes on vacation and never picks it up.
  10. Ya right!:biggrin:
  11. star, i gotta say, i really love this LV - its one of my favorites of theirs. i'd go for it over a kelly, i don't know why, but neither the kellys nor the birkins excite me the way that i think they should based on everyone else's reactions. i love intricate details and the hermes bags just seem a tad...plain. sacriledge, i know. i love the contrast of the traditional monogram with the exotic skins on the LV.
  12. Really, you express yourself well. You must do well in school! I have to say I agree with everything you said and you just confirmed to me my gutt feeling....The kelly is plain, boring.Also, I think I will wear this at night forever, black, brown honey, all involved!
  13. I agree with Amanda...but I'm also not into Hermes. TBut the LV is beautiful and it looks like THE perfect bag in my opinion. Sexy, elegant, couture, cute, and fun all in it!
  14. $5000?? :weird: ::fainted::
  15. thanks :love: i do ok, but i'm a magazine journalism major, so i basically want to be able to write my opinions about bags for a living, lol. i really think the LV is a great choice, particularly since it was your gut feeling already. i'm always happier going with a bag that i love immediately, as soon as i set eyes on it, rather than one that takes some time to grow on me. i knew it when i saw the IF audra, i knew it when i saw the paddington - bag love at first site!