my first LV

  1. I want to buy the speedy 25 or papillon 26? What do you all suggest? Would the papillon be to small?
    I was thinking of buying from eluxury for free shipping.
    any suggestions plz =) maybe on any other bag u all think is nice
  2. I would definitely go with the speedy!
  3. Speedy 25 in Damier :flowers:
  4. speeeeeeeeedy!
  5. Mono Speedy 25 or's a classic bag that everyone should have in their collection IMO.

    I would also suggest going into the boutique (if you have one close enough to you) for your first purchase. There's nothing like it and you'll have so much fun trying everything on!!
  6. Without question...mono speedy 25.....classic, great bag.
  7. i'd get the Papillon, but in the Damier line and the size 30. it looks best in that size and line, and it's not as common as the Speedy
  8. ^^^ITA. love the pap 30 in damier.
  9. I vote for the speedy!
  10. The speedy holds more, but I think the papillon is cuter. My first LV bag was a papillon. :yes: They are both classic.
  11. Speedy! Always a classic bag and one of the most useful.

    If you get a Papillon I would think you would get more use out of the 30.
  12. Speedy- it's iconic LV. There is a reason why everyone loves the Speedy--- it's a great bag!
  13. speedy
  14. I vote for speedy.

    my first ever LV was a papillon and things just scooted too much from side to side.
  15. I vote for the speedy!! Its a great bag, I'm actually carrying my mono one it!