My first LV


Feb 4, 2006
First, thanks to everyone who shared views on the 25 versus the 30. I have gone in the space of about three weeks to not thinking much about LV to getting entranced by the Speedy to -- buying a 25.

But now I am so nervous -- I bought it from ukdesigneritems which is a MyPoupette seller on Ebay. It looks really nice and I felt quite comfortable but then just for curiousity was checking out all the fakes on iOffer and they look so real in the pic's that it really has me spooked. I hope I will hear you all say that a MyPoupette seller can really, really be trusted.

I decided on this one because of a very slight irrational preference for a made-in-france for my very first LV. But after currency and the cost of getting the International Money Order I wonder if I should have just gotten it from ELuxury. (I won't even have it for a while as it takes time to get the money order, to send it, and to have the bag sent here).

I hope it all turns out alright! and that I made the right choice on the 25!


I need more cowbell, baby
Dec 15, 2005
I'm sure you'll be fine espec since they're a mypoupette seller. You can even post pics up here and the LV experts can lend a keen eye.

Congrats and ur first LV purchase. Doesn't it just feel so refreshing?? :P