My first LV


Feb 4, 2006
First, thanks to everyone who shared views on the 25 versus the 30. I have gone in the space of about three weeks to not thinking much about LV to getting entranced by the Speedy to -- buying a 25.

But now I am so nervous -- I bought it from ukdesigneritems which is a MyPoupette seller on Ebay. It looks really nice and I felt quite comfortable but then just for curiousity was checking out all the fakes on iOffer and they look so real in the pic's that it really has me spooked. I hope I will hear you all say that a MyPoupette seller can really, really be trusted.

I decided on this one because of a very slight irrational preference for a made-in-france for my very first LV. But after currency and the cost of getting the International Money Order I wonder if I should have just gotten it from ELuxury. (I won't even have it for a while as it takes time to get the money order, to send it, and to have the bag sent here).

I hope it all turns out alright! and that I made the right choice on the 25!
I think that's a great choice, it was my first LV too! Be warned though, you will mostly likely be hook on LV now. I'm sure everything will be fine with, make sure to post some pics when you get it.
I'm sure you'll be fine espec since they're a mypoupette seller. You can even post pics up here and the LV experts can lend a keen eye.

Congrats and ur first LV purchase. Doesn't it just feel so refreshing?? :P