My first LV, would you please help me pick? :)

  1. I've begun saving up for my first LV handbag but I'm not quite sure which one I want to get. I've got it narrowed down to the Papillon or the Speedy.

    I know the Speedy is "the" classic, but the Pap seems classic to me to! I want my first one to be a nice investment bag I can use for years. And it seems like the more I read the more confused I get lol! So, I thought I'd just post a thread so that maybe I'd get some new opinions and better be able to make a decision.

    I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say and thanks for reading! :smile:
  2. how about getting the speedy and using your extra money to buy a matching wallet? the papillon was my 3rd bag, i didn't use it as much because i had a hard time getting stuff in and out of it. the speedy i think is easier to use except for the saggy shape. i guess it's really your preference. i suggest you go into the store and look around first, you might find something you absolutely love!!! good luck and i think it's also nice to have a bag that not everyone else has.
  3. how about the alma?
  4. I like the Alma to! But I've worked really hard to try to narrow it down to the Speedy and the Papillon so I'm going to try to stick to my choices. :smile:

    You're right the Speedy does sag. That's kind of my main dilemma: The Speedy sags, whereas the Papillon doesn't. But the Papillon 30 is more expensive than the Speedy 30. So I'm kind of torn...
  5. I have both. Got the pap first. I love it. Didn't become a fan of the Speedy until much later, always loved the pap though. Very versatile, holds a lot and is a fun bag. You'll need to decide size (26 0r 30) and line (damier or mono).

    Good luck!
  6. im a speedy girl, so i will say "SPEEDY" cloud and clear.

    now, you have decided to go with a classic design for your first bag, that is a great step. but, which of the classics (icons) you pick, is what makes you happy and functions well for you.

    carrying a speedy will serve a particular function, what pap carriers carry serves their function. what ever limitations the bag has, the person is willing to accept based on how the feel about the rest of the bag.

    if you like the pap, get it!
    you ahve to smile when you pull the piece out!
  7. I debated over that when I was getting my first LV and I am very glad I chose the speedy!! Just my opinion but I feel the papillon might not carry you through the ages whereas the speedy looks equally good on a teenager, young adult, adult, middle aged, and elderly. I just LOVE my speedy to death! The handcarrying does get annoying sometimes though but the style is so classic!
  8. I think the papillion is the cutest. Both are classics really, so you shouldn't worry about one being more classic than the other. One is definetly more popular though.
  9. as much as i love my speedi-es, i'll say get the papillon first..

    i love papillon30 in Damier, Papillon is great day-to-night bag while speedy is more casual IMO.

    good luck, either one is pretty though..
  10. This was my dilemma, and due to fate (ie. finding an authentic one in my price range!) I bought a Speedy. I adore it, and am about to buy another despite still not owning a Papillon. I've since fallen less in love with the Pap, though not out of love, but it's certainly slipped way down in my wishlist order-of-purchase stakes.

    I have a Speedy 25, am about to purchase a Speedy 35, and whilst I had earlier planned to purchase a Pap 30 I think I'll instead go for an Alma to fill my 30 gap. If you want something in the 30 size, but don't want the sag of a Speedy, I say reconsider the Alma. It can do both casual and smart duty, and has similar functionality in shape to the Speedy.
  11. I chose the Speedy as my first bag. I'm very happy that I did. If you don't like the sag, you can always put a piece of cardboard or a magazine in the bottom of it to help it retain its shape.
  12. My vote would be for the speedy. I have the mono 30 and have just ordered the azur 30.
    It's a classic and so functional. You don't have to worry about the sag - just invest in a bag liner - something like a purseket. I've one in mine and it has never sagged.
    If you're near a store though I would strongly advise going in and trying the bags. There's nothing like handling them and putting all your stuff in to help you decide.
    Good luck!
  13. I got the Pap 26 before my first Speedy, and it's true that the Speedy is easier to access in terms of the wider opening. However, there are less Papillons around and it's a much "cuter" bag IMO. Having said that, the Speedy shape is now my new favourite bag shape because of how much I can fit in it!

    So I think it comes down to how much you want to fit into it. If you carry a lot, go for the Speedy, if it's just a wallet, phone and keys for example, then the Pap.

    Good luck! :heart:
  14. I say go for the speedy. It was my first LV and I still love it.
  15. Hi! I was in you position just a week ago, and decided on the monogram speedy 30, and I'm very satisfied with my choice! It's a great size and you know it'll never go out of style, as it has been a it bag since the 50's when Audrey Hepburn made it famous!
    You just can't go wrong with that bag ;)(I'm saving up for a matching wallet now:yahoo:)

    But if you're not sure, go to a lv store and ask to see the different bags; hold , cuddle and pose with them in a mirror, and compare them to eachother, then maybe you'll be able to decide;)

    btw: cut out a piece of cardboard the size of the bottom on the speedy, and yeeey, no sagging;) you can also order special plates on eBay made just for this purpose!