my first lv, which bag?


which bag for my first lv?

  1. mono sologne

  2. mono saumur

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  1. Hi Everyone! :smile::smile:
    This if my first post. I'm going to get my first lv and can't choose between the mono sologne and mono saumur.

    I want to get a shoulder bag cos I'm going to be travelling overseas to asia next month. I went to my lv store a few weeks ago to check out the prices and the mono sologne is $1250AUS and the mono Saumur is $1290AUS (but not sure bout now cos of the price increase).

    Although it's not an overly popular bag I really love the sologne. It looks so classic. But in a way I suppose the saumur is more practical cos it's got more room.

    What do you guys think? Love to know everyone's opinion :smile: