My First LV.. Wapity?

  1. Alright I'm a total Coach girl. I'm JUST getting into designer bag still, barely been a year and I'm crazy for the Coach Legacy line. Now my problem is all my accessories have to match or it annoys me but as I was cruising your forum I came across the ADORABLE Wapity and now I NEED one. I've been pounding my head all afternoon thinking what I could use it for! It's not long enough for a cosmetic case but I bet I could fit some odds and ends into it. I'm still doing a search for inside pics of it to see what it can hold but I think I'm going to get it! I'm so excited! Now I just need to decide what style to get!!:yahoo:
  2. get a white MC or regular mono...
  3. My vote is to get a Black MC one! :graucho: By the way, I use mine to hold my digital camera. It is useful for so many things. Good Luck! :flowers:
  4. My birthday is Sunday and I just got myself the White Coach Ali and I'm thinking the White MC would be so cute with it! I'm just excited to be getting a bigger bag and I love carrying cute accessories! I wish it wasn't pricier then the regular tho!
  5. i have the white mc.............just to warn you, the canvas insnt coated, and the lvs and fleurs chipped off quite a bit..........i would either do Mono or Black MC
  6. Does the black chip? I probably should go with the regular then.. =)
  7. I will vote for the white one!
  8. The white MC is SO cute!
  9. I would say regular mono. I am planning on getting that one in a few weeks!
  10. I have a white mc that I use as a digital camera case. I have a Canon SD630 and the wapity is definitely roomy enough to hold the camera.

    You'll love it, whatever you end up using it for!
  11. I like the monogram.
  12. I think the white is cute but if it chips and Go with the Mono..classic! You can't go wrong with it!
  13. Get the White MC one! Its my FAVORITE!! :love:
  14. get white. it holds a camera and money and things.