My first LV wallet: which to buy?

  1. Hi you savvy LV ladies! I'm going to Paris and I want to buy my first LV wallet.
    I want to do something other than the zippy. (I have a nice zippy in burnt orange, in dare I say, Cole Haan) It must hold credit cards, money and have a change purse area. Suggestions please? The Koala? Help! You know the merch -- do steer me right! Thanks! :flowers:
  2. i highly reccommend the pochette wallet. i have one and it fits EVERYTHING.

    i have it in mono. but this is the only pic i could find on elux:

  3. I just got the french purse and I LOVE it! It has a great kiss closure for change and there are 8 credit card slots. I will post some of my pics in a second, excuse my poor photography skills, they don't do the wallet justice! If my pics scare you, go to elux or to see "real" photos! LOL!
  4. I just bought the Koala wallet in mono and absolutely love it! It is fairly compact but still holds a ton! Nine card slots plus a window for I.D., large bill pocket plus a small pocket for receipts, etc. Exterior zip change pocket is roomy, too. I compared lots of wallet styles and finishes (mono, vernis, etc.) and found the mono Koala to be the best, IMO! Have fun in Paris! :yes:
  5. Okay as promised here are my scary pics! I included one with my Kirsten so you could get an idea of the size, it is between the PTI and the Koala, another thing I like about it.
    m_Ebay Lilly 081.jpg m_Ebay Lilly 082.jpg m_Ebay Lilly 083.jpg m_Ebay Lilly 084.jpg
  6. groom pouchette wallet is my wallet of choice..I own and love it..the red interior is wowwy....
  7. Thank you ladies!:flowers: Question: what is a kiss closure? Now I'm going to elux to check them all out. Keep your faves coming!
  8. I have a pochette wallet in mono and a French Purse in Pomme. The Pochette is a great wallet--holds everything. Vernis wallets are pretty.
  9. I think a Vernis Pochette Wallet would be beautiful! I'm hoping to buy one in White MC later this year. :yes:
  10. if u have alot of stuff, consider the eugenie =)
    else the koala or french purse would be great
  11. Since you already have a long wallet, I recommend a more compact shape. I own three Koala wallets, that's how much I love this style!

  12. I would also suggest the pochette wallet. They come in mono, MC, vernis and maybe Damier, so you have many to choose from.
  13. I would get something in MC line, possible PTI.
  14. i have the Monogram Eugenie Wallet, which is my first ever LV wallet. it has 12 credit card slots, an ID window, bill compartment AND a coin compartment :yes:



  15. ^^^ First LV wallet? Really Sandra? You totally caught me off guard there! :p

    Try a Koala style wallet since you already have a long zippy style already.