my first LV visit for the spring~

  1. so i went to the store early this morning.this is my first visit after a long time.the SA was really nice.the mens bag from S/S2007 is to die for.i asked her to hold for me the trotterMM in bequia white.

    i tried the sacocheMM in's sooo ME!!the bag is gorgeous.i bet u guys know its foldable and owh boy,im in love!folded or not i love him in anyway.unfold it,fold it, unbuckle the strap,buckle it, whatever it is the bag is soo fabolous.the leather is to die for. i love the one in mokka.

    i also tried the east/west bag.i first hate the bag when i saw the runway pix, but believe me the bag is soo cool and funky (i think!). the woven leather is adorable.

    thats all for now.thanx to the lovely SA im coming back to the store maybe tomorrow to get a bag (or maybe two :p!!).

    ps:pardon the long post~
  2. glad you had fun. i love how that bag folds.
  3. The Sacoche is flippen hot! I plan on buying it! Also I LOVE the East/West bags!
  4. Glad you had loads of fun girl!
  5. it's 7am in kuala lumpur now.i woke up & my 1st thot was the trotter.i soo hav to get tht bag & im soo getting it 2day!!

    i'll post the pix here once the bag is mine.and thanx to u all for the reply!~


  6. Selamat pagi. Excuse my Malay. Seriously rusty. Good luck on getting your bag :wlae:
  7. I lOVE all the bags you tried on ... I am hoping that the east west pm in gold will arrive here in Aus soon:yes:
  8. so this afternoon i went again to the store.and i'm soo excited to tell u guys that i bought that trotter MM in bequia!!:yahoo:

    this is my first seasonal/runway(i really hav no idea which is which..) bag from LV and definitely not my last.

    here's my pics:







    ps: owh and i love the sacoche not sure whether its worth getting it. i mean, of course its worth the money spent but i think i had spent enuff.but the bag is soo adorable i wanna cry:crybaby:. but this doesnot mean i dunt love my trotter.they both are just lovable in their own way........

  9. CONGRATS ... it is stunning and looks Fab on you:yahoo:
  10. Oh! Nice bag.....
  11. Congrats! Thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  12. great pix! very nice bag!:biggrin:
  13. pardon my pix yaa.i look not soo proper.i took the pix rite after i reachd home.was soo excited. and thx u guys for the msgs.
  14. You & your bag both look great- no apologies necessary.
  15. Congrats Arman! That Bequia looked great on you. I am eyeing the 24 H Suitcase in white. I first saw it in GQ early this year. Ohh la la la....Nice nice nice...Tsk...tsk...~~Dreaming~~

    Oh, and I couldn't agree more. The Soana collection is absolutely gorgeous! I'm absolutely in love with the Sac Plat in caramel colour. Saw it in the LV store in London last week. Tote it around and oh dear, it does look good!!! The kangaroo leather is so soft and supple. Absolutely the IT tote bag for man this year!! Unfortunately at 885 pounds, it's a bit on the expensive side. Sigh, mayb in few months time? :graucho:

    Anyway, congrats again and keep buying, Arman! Bequia and Soana rulez big time! Haha