My first LV structured bag

  1. Yay! I know..:biggrin: Finally..:biggrin: Yes, yes, I will definitely need to join the club..:biggrin: Thank you!
  2. Carmine is a gorgeous color, btw. It seems that it would go with a lot. Congrats again, and I'll see you in the Alma Club! Whoa, look at the time...gotta get to bed now or I'll be dragging when I go out tomorrow night!
  3. Aaww.. I really thought those were yours.. My bad..:hugs:

    Go get one while they still have it! I know they're not permanent.. So you better get the color that you want before they'll be gone.. What color are you planning to get?

    I tried on the PM 2 months ago but for some reason, I didn't really like the size.. It's too small for me.. I prefer big bags.. I thought the MM was too big but every time I see a girl with a style like Alma MM even those Hello Kitty one :lol:, I think it looks pretty in the MM size...:biggrin: So I tried it on again and now I own one..:biggrin: I didn't really carry the bag for too long today since I was at work.. But my bf and I ate out for dinner after work and when I was carrying it, I felt like I was carrying my Speedy 30.. It's very light.. I don't find it bulky at all.. You should definitely try it in store.. I was at the store trying on the Alma for probably 30 minutes. I was making sure that the size was not too big.. Yes, it's big but "lovely" big..:graucho:
  4. I know.. The color sold me..:smile: Yup, I'll just post my pics in the club..:biggrin: See you there!

    Lucky you for going out tomorrow night! I'm working tomorrow.. Sucks!:shucks:
  5. :rolleyes: OMG an inside out LV!!!! *Gasp* We were supposed to be bag twins :pout: Haha. Alma is still a great choice though. Love the color you choose too.

  6. Aaww.. I know.. I didn't know why my bf thought of it that way.. Lol! It's the Encre, not the Fusain..:smile: but yes, the Fusain Speedy is really pretty.. I adore seeing them..:smile: thank you! I'm really loving my new bag.. I didn't know why it took me this long to purchase an Alma..:smile:
  7. OMG!!!!!:drool: I keep checking the website (since I don't live a near an LV) and it's always sold out!!!!! Sooooo jealous!!!!
  8. Congrats! That's a gorgeous one! :jealous. :smile:
  9. Aaww.. I guess they just had new shipments.. Coz I looked at my bag's date code, it's MI1162 so that's 16th week of 2012 which means this bag was made last week.. Although they only had one in the store.. Can't you order it over the phone? Coz my SA told me that there are 30 of these bags in the US right now. Are you planning to get this same size and color?:graucho:
  10. Congratulations!!!!!
  11. Love the color! It's sooo pretty! Congrats!
  12. Congrats on your new bag~she looks fabulous on you!! And it's such a pretty color. It's so funny how our significant other can change our minds about things...This happened to me before too! I recently bought a perforated Prada bag that just came out for this season and when I came home with it, my boyfriend was like, "Honey, you spent all that money on a bag with holes?? Why? Babe, it looks defective" and he's always been supportive and helpful with my bag purchases~actually, he was the one that got me into LV in the first place, haha! But this one time, he seemed so utterly disappointed! So I returned her and I realized that he was right all along, I would probably use her a couple of times and get tired of her. It's nice to have a second opinion, especially from someone who has your best interest at heart :hbeat:
  13. How do you read the date code?? I've been trying to figure it out, but I'm lost :thinking:
  14. Thank you for the congrats!!:hbeat: Really appreciate it..:biggrin:
  15. Aaww.. Thank you!! I'm happy that my bf supports me with my bag addiction.. But I kinda don't like it too.. Coz sometimes I just want him to say "no" so I wouldn't buy it but he always says yes".. He's also an enabler.. Lol! Yes, he's been helping me with my bag decision..:biggrin: love him so much.. That's good that your bf is also supportive with you about your bag collection.. *highfive* to that!:biggrin: I am actually the one who introduced him into this..:biggrin: He's targeting a wallet next time.. He has a Gucci wallet right now and ever since I got into LV, he doesn't like his wallet anymore.. Lol! I'll probably get him one on his bday..:biggrin: thanks again!!

    About the date code.. It's located in the big pocket.. You have to use a flashlight so you can see it.. I used my iPhone's flashlight to look for it.. Lol!