My first LV... speedy or neverfull?

  1. hi im turning 19 this yr and my mum's getting me my first LV!! im not sure which one to get .. but i know i want a bag that i can use everydayand that it wil last a while... i'm 155cm - help pls!!
  2. You prefer a handheld or shoulder bag? I have both anyway and prefer Neverfull easy to access...
  3. get a speedy...its so beautiful
  4. Get a bag that not every Tina, Dolores and Helen has.
  5. i prefer shoulder bag i think... but the speedy looks so goood!! is the speedy more durable?
    and if i do get that im not sure if i want damier or mono - so many decisions !
  6. Go for damier speedy! :tup:
  7. I love shoulder bag but I'll vote for Speedy 30 :p
  8. speedy definitely! i know alot of people have it, but it's a wonderful bag!
  9. Mono Speedy
  10. I might suggest the neverfull for you. It's a newer style and you might enjoy it!
  11. I have both, but I got the speedy first.
  12. Speedy!!!
  13. No doubt about it, pick the Speedy!
    It's a classic, it goes with everything, and I like it so much better than the Neverfull. The Neverfull is cute, but a bit beachbag-like. For a first LV the Speedy is way better! Speedy's rock :supacool:
  14. I'd get a Mono Speedy! It's a classic :yes:
  15. my vote goes for the neverfull.