My first LV: Speedy 25 or 30??

  1. I'm buying my first LV and i'm trying to decide between the Speedy 25 and 30. In all the pics the 25 looks more structured than the 30. What are your opinions? Is the 30 really that much bigger than the 25?

  2. when i looked at the 25 and 30 side by side, the 30 seemed significantly bigger to me. i think it's because there's more room on either side of the handles of the 30 that there is on the 25, making it look more like a doctor's bag.

    neither of them are structured, but the 25 only sags less because it's smaller. i can't go anywhere bigger than the 25; the 30 looks stupid on me because i'm only 5'4"
  3. I'm a fan of starting with the 25 and working up to larger if you like both proportions on you. My 25 is plenty big for me (I'm 5'4") proportion wise and capacity wise. If I really need to carry around a ton of stuff I would use a tote or shoulder bag.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Most of mine are 30 (for me - the larger the better) so my answer is 30!:smile: If you have a chance, do try them both at the store to see which one will suit YOU.:idea: Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  6. I had the 30, loved it, then decided it was too big and sold it. I missed it so I bought a 25. I love both really. But the 25 is harder to get into for me. It holds a good amount though. The 30 can look *luggage* (hey a new word!) to me.
  7. I would also go for the 30, but you should really do as LV_addict say and go to the store where you can see what suits you the best.
  8. :heart: the speedy 30. I'm 5' tall and it doesn't look bad. Just go to LV and try both sizes. This has to be the biggest bag I have but I :heart: it. The 25 was just too small for me.
  9. I say go with the 30.
  10. Speedy 30 or even 35. (I'm 6'2'')
  11. Speedy 30;)
  12. my first LV is a Monogram Canvas Speedy 30~~ =) and i've just bought it more than a month ago.
  13. I'd say 30. I wasn't sure which one either, but I thought the 25 was too small for me.
  14. My vote is for the 30!!
  15. I'm 5'7 and I just got a Speedy 25. The 25 is just such a cute bag! And I don't carry that much so it was the perfect size for me. I got a small Purseket which gives it a little more structure and extra pockets. :flowers: