My First LV - Should it be Mono or Damier?

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  1. I am ready to start my LV collection (it's about time, I am 39):nuts::girlsigh:. At first, I was sure that it would be Damier Azur 35, however, after I became a member of this wonderful Purse Forum and after reading most of the posts, I've decided that I will definately get the Azur, but later and not 35, but 30. My first LV bag should be Speedy 30 in Mono... or Damier?:nuts: Can't decide and need your help. I know that many of you will say that Mono is the classic one, I totally agree, but there are soooooo many of them.:confused1: What do you think?
  2. I say Mono! I love both but since it's your first...
  3. You really can't go wrong either way but Damier is SO easy to take care of and it will stay looking new since you don't have to worry about vach. Go for the Damier!
  4. not really a fan of mono. i prefer damier because the pattern is more subtle and it's easier to take care off.
  5. I also prefer Damier over Mono - prettier and easier to take care of! Have fun deciding :smile:
  6. how about a mon get a personalized twist on a classic bag :smile:
  7. Damier
  8. I say Damier :yes: The pattern is older than Mono and more classic.

    It doesn't scream LV, but still looks very elegant and classy. And it's super easy to maintain.

    I love Damier though! :lol:
  9. Speedy Damier , love the red interior!
  10. Oh, yeah, I already have too much fun. LOL Today is my day off and I spent all day reading the LV Purse Forum. :yahoo:
  11. Exactly! For your first LV, Damier all the way.
  12. Damier gets my vote
  13. damier...mono looks so trashed after a while if u are'nt careful and if u are gonna carry it everyday which i'm sure u will because it's your 1st.
  14. I love them both but a little more partial towards the Mono. Good luck!
  15. Yes, most likely I will use it every day, I would probably even go to bed with it. LOL. Sorry, I am just too excited.:nuts: I was also reading posts on how people baby it and it makes me nervous. I want to use my speedy, not just keep it in a closet and wait for the summer and perfect weather.