My first LV shopping trip :-(

  1. Well I finally went to the city to go to LV for the first time.
    Collins St is rather long and after a bit of search (obviously in the wrong direction) left without finding the store.
    All was not lost as we parked at the casino so I thought I would pop into the LV store there......well they were shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They shut at 7pm and on a friday night!!!!!!
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, anyway, I did see the Tivoli pm on a shelf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So my first trip was a total wipe out and I left empty handed :sad:
  2. oh no never mind hopefully it'll be better next time
  3. Awww... so sorry for you!! Pls dont be upset girl,since you already know the direction you can just drive straight ahead tomorrow, and be the first LV customer. Who knows, you'll have a better luck tomorrow....???!! Btw, what do you think about tivoli pm??? Will it be your first choice tmrw?? Take a good rest and good luck for tmrw!!
  4. I hope so, I was just really disappointed esp after seeing the bag I really wanted in the window, so close yet so far away lol.....
  5. Well you just have to go back, that's all there is to it!;)
  6. I won't be going for a while now as I don't have a car and I don't live that close to the city.....
    From what I saw of the Tivoli pm, it looked like my kinda bag lol!!!!! Yep it will be my first LV bag too.
  7. Is Tivoli Pm "that" small??? I'm planning to have this bag too.
  8. Hmmm.... next time it is then. But make sure you call them to reserve it! Seems like everybody's looking for tivoli.