my first LV shopping eperience

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  1. hi ladies! okay, i know most of you know i got the damier ebene speedy 30 for my 4oth birthday. but i never told my very first shopping experience yet. so here it goes.

    as always, i would definitely dress up a bit when i plan to visit a high-end store. i just wore jeans, a nice top but wore my burberry beaton pelham quilted bag. i bought my first speedy and walked out of the shop with a huge brown bag.:love:
    after that i decided to go to neiman marcus, michael kors and juicy couture. as i entered the stores, every SA was looking at me in a "special" way. they were all friendly, greeting me while the direction of their eyes point to my huge brown bag:lol: one kors SA actually asked "what did you get from LV shop?" i just said "just a little something." she was sooo nosy that she even asked what about my burberry bag (what style, where did i get it, how much, etc, etc.etc...):P

    that feeling of being "special" for a moment is something you will get when you hold "the huge brown bag" from LV. it's priceless...
  2. congrats on your experiences and happy bday
  3. i totally know what you mean! I remember how helpful the SA,s were when you have a huge LV carrier bag under your arm,

    Shame they dont take me seriously when i dont carry one. Prehaps i should take an empty one when i go out!

  4. haha good one sally.m! i might do that too. after all, the brown bag is so precious, i keep mine as if it's an actual LV bag :lol:
  5. That was my experience, too - especially when I was carrying a Speedy in one hand and a brown LV carrier bag in the other hand.:lol: And some days before the SA's did not want to help me.:rolleyes:
  6. Congrats!!
  7. Awww congrats!!!
  8. I know everytime I leave with a LV bag I get lots of stares too. It feels so great! Congrats on your birthday! You look awesome, much much younger than 40.
  9. Are you 40?! Wow, I would've never guessed that! You look more than 10 years older, seriously. Congratulations on your birthday, your experience and your purchase!
  10. hahaha i get that too
  11. the brown LV bag has special powers lol :amazed:
    ppl do act differently when i have it aswell
  12. ita when i go into Chanel the sa never say a thing to me BUT the day i go in with a big brown LV bag they all followed me around the store, and every bay i picked up they asked if i wanted to get it lol
  13. I Love when other store's SA get excited about LVs.
    Congrats on your bag and happy birthday.
  14. Its true....When you think about it and you see people with bags do you not think "Oh I wonder what they bought?" I have gotten replies like "Someone is having fun today" and "You are making out today" One thing I can not stand is when they as you what you bought. People like to see other people spending money. The get excited thinking if they can do it why can I? Or Thats is going to be me one day.
    Walking around with 10 bags or even that 1 speical bag will give you a boost of confidence when shopping. Some SAs become more friendly to you because they see you spending money. Others will become extreamy rude but that is only becasue they are somewhat jealous. Congrats to you and happy birthday to you as well.
  15. I agree - there is nothing like the happiness of holding that big brown LV bag, filled with purchases, in your hands,!:nuts: Congrats.