My First LV shoes!


Jan 17, 2006
Omigod, I can't believe I spend $490 for a pair of loafers! I could'nt help myself, I was just going to try them on to see how they feel and look on my wide Fred Flintstone feet.....before I knew it I was signing the credit card slip! The pic doesn't do these shoes justice, they're so beautiful IRL, the colors, the style (for a loafer), the comfort :love: ! This is actually the first time I have spent this much for a pair of shoes :worried: ...but I think it's worth it :huh: ....I need some reassurance please!
LOVE THEM! I have a pair of driving loafers as well..(but mine were only 280) I bet they feel like magic on your feet! Enjoy! (OH!! And dont feel bad, I have spent more than that one strappy thong sandals that have way less material! ) Your feet will thank you for the comfort, and they are so NICE!!