my first lv REVEAL!! its soooo pretty <3

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  1. i got my very first louis vuitton purse at the store today!

    sorry for the pics quality, i took then from my iphone...

    ok, lets start by the box ;)

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  2. let see whats in that lovely brown box. take it off! take it off!
  3. :popcorn:
  4. I'm here
  5. Let's see!!:popcorn:
  6. oh a live one!
  7. show show show
  8. ...guess what?

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  9. waiting
  10. what could a be???? a wallet???
  11. can't wait to see:smile:
  12. a wallet loll

    its the mono stresa pm :yahoo:

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  13. very nice! congrats!
  14. wow, congratulations... It's beautiful..
  15. I'm here. Show Show!