My first LV purse!! dune mini lin speedy :)

  1. I am totally in love!!! I love it!!! :smile:
    I'm super glad that I didn't buy it in ebony, I love light color purses!!!

    Happy birthday to me!!!! hehe :smile:
  2. Beautiful bag, congratulations and enjoy!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love the Mini Lin Speedy :love:
    OT: Are those pups in your avatar Chow Chows?:nuts:
  4. I love this!! Congrat's.
  5. Yay HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Congrats!!! Love mini lin!
  6. Ooh..DUNE!!! Congrats!!!
  7. congrats! and u have a dune set there :biggrin: happy birthday!!
  8. Lovely! Congrats!
  9. I think thats the nicest color for the speedy in mini lin :smile: Congrats!
  10. wow!! she's beautiful!! i love it.
  11. lol aren't you glad i talked you into it, babe? LOL you were all over the ebene :smile: hahahaha i think the dune isn't bad! i am soooooo glad you like it and don't have buyer's remorse! yay! now we can all rock our purses :biggrin: happy belated sweetheart!
  12. I have the same bag and I love it! It's a very beautyful summer-bag! Enjoy it!:tup:
  13. its gorgeous, the dune colour is so pretty! congratulations and happy birthday
  14. congrats and happy b-day!
  15. Congrats! & Happy birthday:yes: That colour is so pretty i love the cles aswell.