My First LV Purchases (With pics)

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Last night I got my first LV (but definitely not the last :graucho:) things, they're only small but I love them! ;) ....So here it goes....


    I was originally going to get the a Vernis Zippy but my mum convinced me the monogram would be more practical for everyday use so I went with that.

    It's been said before but I'll mention it again, the Zippy CP does fit allot more then you would expect. I think it's going to work pretty good for me (untill I can afford a big LV wallet :P ) I don't carry much in my wallet so the Zippy CP is roomy enough. In it I have ID, 3 other cards, change and a 50 dollar note.

    Affiche Key Pouch! I'm in love with it's cuteness :love:
  2. [​IMG]


    I love how it has a back pocket, I plan on using this for my tram ticket.


    I think they look cute together :wlae:

    Thanks for letting me share the start of my LV addiction. :ninja:
  3. Congrats - I love the key pouch!
    Think I may have to get one :biggrin:
  4. Your mother was so right about that ZCP in Mono. I just ordered mine online and was very excited to get a brand new one from the LV distribution center in TN. That cute ZCP should arrive on October 20th. I can hardly wait!
  5. Yay! Congrats! The ZCP is so cute! :smile:
  6. Great starter items! Love both of them. Congrats!
  7. Congrats!!! Great useful first purchases!
  8. congrats!! sooooo cute!
  9. Congrats, I love both of them! The mono ZCP is so classic. :smile: Prepare yourself for many more purchases!
  10. Love them both! Congrats!
  11. congrats!! they're so cute! love to have one of those esp the zcp :smile:
  12. lovely purchases! many congrats :biggrin:
  13. Welcome to LV..Congrats, they are lovely!
  14. Awwww super cute (:
  15. Congrats on your first LVs!