My first LV purchase!

  1. So, I did it. After a few weeks of trying to decide what bag I really wanted, I went with one of the ones on my original wish list - the LV Damier Canvas Papillon 26. Went over lunch to the LV store and plunked down the cash (or should I say plastic :toung: ). So what if I'll be paying my card until Memorial Day (just kidding!). I love it :love: I've taken it out of the bag twice just to admire.

    Merry Christmas to me :biggrin:
  2. Very nice choice! I bought my first LV a few weeks ago and am hooked!
  3. Thanks! :biggrin: I'm hooked, too. I asked for a Speedy 25 for Christmas, and I am in love with the Manhattan PM :love: Waaayy too much $$$ for me right now, though.
  4. BEAUTIFUL BAG...congrats
  5. congrats
  6. Great investment! I have at least 12 that go through every Canadian winter minus the denim ones.The one I received as a gift on my honeymoon 11 years ago is like new, just darker and richer looking. I love LV!
  7. i have the same bag and i wear it all the time. congrats!
  8. I never thought I would be into the denim bags, but I was looking at the denim pleaty while I was there. It's so cute :love:
  9. I was the first in Mtl. to get the denim speedy in June, I loved it so much I got the tote which held all of my sons toys plus my own stuff. I didn't have to think of which bag I was wearing that day, the denim monogram went with almost everything.SOOOOOOO cute:smile:
  10. I love barrel-shaped bags... they are really cute! Congrats!
  11. gotta love that feeling of purchasing/receiving your very first LV bag!
  12. Wow, I love it ! Great choice, congrats !
  13. I love the shape of that bag!
  14. Great bag, Cristina! I love the damier print!
  15. I love the Damier Papillon, good choice! Enjoy your first purchase. Chances are it won't be your last LV! ;)