My First LV Purchase(s)!

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  1. I've been wanting one for sooo bad!! So I finally took the plunge while at the LV store in Beverly Center, Los Angeles. I originally wanted to get the LV Monogram Speedy, but got the Multipli-Cite instead! I know it's a lot bigger and not as 'trendy' but I love it!

    So then a few days later while in the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, I got her a matching wallet! The Zippy Organizer wallet!!

    Here are pics courtesy of

    I will post my own soon!
    Multipli-Cite.jpg Zippy Organizer Wallet.jpg
  2. Congrats Sandylaniey! I think that's a pretty good choice for a first LV! Wear it in good health.
  3. Congrats! I have the multipli-cite too and absolutely love it!!!! :wlae:
  4. Congrats and enjoy! Lovely choices. Surely won't be your last :smile:
  5. Thank you!! I know, it surely won't be my last.... I'm always searching for a new one!! I'm addicted.
  6. Oh! So nice, Welcome to TPF & congratulations on a great bag. Have you stuffed the pockets yet? Are they big enough for notepads & such? We haven't seen many of these & it's nice to have one on the forum.

  7. Yes, the two pockets are pretty big. They are deep enough to drop a pen in (not that I would!) and still have inch or more in height. So, you could definitely put in a small notebook. My agenda is suppose to be in today so going to see if that will fit. I love throwing my keys in there so I don't have to dig for them in the bag. :P
  8. Congrats! Nice purchases!
  9. Wonderful choices, just wonderful...
    it's important that you love the bag and your excited, I'm excited for you!:heart:
  10. Yay congrats!!!
  11. Thats awesome- Congrats on your first purchase... There will be more!!
  12. I really love the Multipli-cité! nice purchase! :heart:3333
  13. Congrats Sandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful purchases...and welcome to tPF!!!!

  14. Yes, the pockets are totally functional.. I love it!!!

    Oh lala... congrats on your agenda!.. I want one now..

    Hey, I was in the LV store yesterday and they have that seasonal one with the monogram and it has a 'bellhop' character on it... TOO CUTE! But over time.. is it too trendy? I'm debating..:confused1:
  15. Oh CONGRATS! the pockets do look really awesome, easy place to put stuff that you need to get quickly...enjoy them!
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