My first LV Purchase-HELP!

  1. Hi! I recently bought a monogram groom agenda and I love it! I've been trying to decide on a spring bag and love the look of the EPI Speedy Bag. Has anyone seen the colors available for Spring? Does anyone have any recommendations? I heard the manadrin is beautiful- but I'd like something I can wear all year round- red maybe?
    Or, if there is another EPI style you like better for spring I'm all ears!
    Thanks for the advice.....
  2. The speedy is such a classic shape and looks great in epi, I believe that black and red are permanent colors, and mandarin is doscontinued (you still may be able to find one if you call the LV hotline). I am not too crazy when it comes to colors of bags (black and brown mostly), so I am partial to black. I really do like the red but I don't have a lot of red in wardrobe. I think red or black would be good all-year-round colors. I think they are coming out with white epi in the spring though--not too sure if there are any others. :smile:
  3. ooh- I would love the white. call me crazy- but I would wear that all year round. I'm heading to NYC this weekend- think it will be in by then? I don't have a red or white bag- so either would be great. I think I saw a NAVY bag online as well. Thanks for the reply!
  4. You should consider a red Epi Alma or a Mandrin Epi Jasmin.
  5. Saw pics on eluxury...My mom has the Alma- love it, but it's too fancy for me and my sweatpants! I think the Speedy is a bit more casual, don't you? I love the Mandrin color- Thanks for the advice!
  6. as far as i know there is no epi navy bags. the white epi is not coming out til like march. but the red epi is fabulous and readily available.
  7. Thanks for the post! I guess I will head to the store this weekend and poke around. I saw a beautiful alma bag with the groom scarf tied to it on a post today. Fabulous!
  8. I LOVE, LOVE the red epi!! My friend here on the pf has one and she looks great toting it around. The color and style together are just HOT!!
  9. I just looked on the site and the Speedy 25 comes in Blueberry- yum!
  10. Epi Speedy and Alma are both gorgeous.