My first LV purchase from Ebay...*PICS*

  1. So I got my First LV Purchse from eBay 2 days ago and I was so nervous because you hear all the stories. After checking around with some experts on this forum, it seems that this bag is authentic! I noticed that the embossing on the fuchsia vernis is much lighter than on my violette vernis cles though.

    But I do love the color!

  2. Hey congrats...beautiful bag..
    wear her in the best of health...and the color is TDF!!!!!!!
  3. Oh wow, that color is *STUNNING* .... :drool:

    The Violette looks really pretty against it as well.

    I too was always afraid to purchase from eBay but thanks to the fabulous LV Authenticators here I don't have to worry. *THEY ROCK* :tup:

    Anywho, Congrats on the gorgeous purchase and Enjoy!!
  4. ^Thanks!

    I'm also glad that the leather is in good condition and not dark from use!

  5. Wow - congrats! That is such a beautiful colour!!
  6. Great job! Love it!
  7. congrats on yr purchase..:tup:.its normal ot be edgy when buying from eBay
  8. Love the bag! Congratulations!
  9. great purchase!
  10. yay congrats! it's a beautiful bag!
  11. congrats
  12. congrats
  13. Congratz, they both look LVoely!!!!
  14. Beautiful!!! Congrats!
  15. great buy, great ebay find! don;t you lvoe it when you find an authentic item in nice condition! kinda restores my faith in ebay actually!

    great color combo with the cles by the way! LOVE it!