My first LV Purchase....but not for me! *and* Suggestions required!

  1. Hello hello!

    Well i'm back from finishing my exam and vacation - and I had a TOTAL blast! Mind you, every few days I'd be lying on the beach, turn to my friend and say "only __ more days until my new purse!!!"

    So I was supposed to shopping with my mom yesterday, but plans changed...however I still ended up making my very first LV purchase yesterday!

    I got into Toronto around 2am Sunday morning, phoned my brother and asked him to pick me up at the airport - and that's when he told me that my mom wouldn't be able to go to Bloor with me to pick up my purse anymore...I was a bit devastated, but we'll be going this up-coming weekend, so really I can wait 7 days. It's my mom's birthday on Saturday and my brother suggested that we get her something from LV! The only probem was we had a bit of a budget - around $400-500 between the 2 of us. I wasn't really expecting to go downtown so I was looking quite casual with a zipup hoodie and jeans - but when I got inside the store it felt like home (except, it was 3 times busier than usual!).

    I waited around for an SA for a bit, and finally my favorite SA became available and helped me out. I explained that my brother and I were looking for a gift for our mom and (a bit embaressed) told her that we had a bit of a budget but she was super sweet and said it wasn't much of a problem....I'll skip over the 1/2 hr. of debate and let you know that we ended up deciding on a small zippy wallet (the exact name escapes me now) which ended up being only $350-ish after-tax!

    It's quite cute, and it definitely something I'd use myself...hopefully my mom likes it as well - it's not like a full-blown wallet but it's something nice to use on a dinner out to put some cards bills, and coins in there. Of course I would post pictures except my camera broke on the last day of vacation, and I can't find the hook-up for my camera phone. :push:

    Although I have to wait a week longer for my new purse, my mom and I saw various LV's while in Toronto (maybe 70% fake 30% real) and she was a lil doubtful about whether she agreed with the sag of the speedy, and she was quite against the damier...hence, she was saying that she wouldn't mind paying a few hundred more for a different purse - so any non-speedy suggestions for early 20's, professional?:confused1:
  2. I'm a total speedy lover, so can't help you out too much. How about the alma, BH, or papillon?
  3. BH or neverfull.
  4. Most of us are going to say BH. It is a great bag!
  5. I love my neverfull, if the straps don't bother you :smile:
  6. BH or pappillon.....but its reallly sad....i see LOTS of fake papillion's on montreal.....but im thinking about getting one.
  7. ohhh, I"m not sure what it is about the BH, but I just don't like the look of it - although i know it's really popular among tpfers...I was thinking of the popincourt haut maybe? I just perused elux, and that's probably the most likely candidate thus far...I love the look of the manhattan, but I think it might be a bit flashy for work and heavy...

    speaking of fakes - I saw a fake popincourt this weekend and was so seems absolutely everything is gettin faked these days.