My First LV piece was a gracious gift!

Hello, Bunny here!
You probably know me well if you've hung out in the Coach forum (waves to fellow coachies) but I had always admired the Epi LV pieces from afar as they were close to the Coach Men's Lido line that has since been discontinued (and which I love dearly!).

I've browsed by here before, never stopped to talk or chat, because I had not yet felt the need to jump in, and I suppose it's been me waiting for the right moment or opportunity.

So here she is, my gracious birthday gift from a dear fellow TPF'r who has expanded my brand name items owned to covering LV now too :smile: Perhaps this will be the push over the edge I need into finding other Epi pieces to go with it, but only time will tell!

My quick pictures coming here in a sec! (only because I've found myself a horrible revealer!)


Aug 2, 2008
hey bunny!!!!!!!!welcome to the lv forum and yes i do know u from the coach the girls/guys over here are super...i have'nt fully left coah yet but threre are a few lv's on my wish welcome!